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TLF!POSTED | March 21, 2018

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Label of the month: Californian menswear brand PUBLISH

Label of the month: Californian menswear brand PUBLISH

Founded 4 years ago in Southern California’s Orange county, PUBLISH produces menswear with a twist: Timeless, but absolutely modern. Utilitarian, yet refined. Sophisticated, but always casual.

Since their relatively recent start, PUBLISH have already created their own classic streetwear staple: The Legacy Jogger Pants, a pair of slim-cut cotton twill pants available in various colors, have been selling out within hours of restocking. Capsule collections like their co-op with NYC-based retailer EXTRA BUTTER and graphic designer Benny Gold’s eponymous boutique-brand as well as their own MONO collection featuring all-white or all-black styles further show the young brand’s ambition and range.

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We spoke with James from PUBLISH about the brand’s past, present and future:

– Please tell us something about your brand and the ideas behind it?

Publish exists to refine daily life by delivering premium, timeless products and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion.

– What’s special about your brand? What do you want to achieve in the future?

Publish is unique in a sense that we are making smart clothes today for tomorrow’s world.

Future goals involve international retail stores, internal growth, brand expansion, comfortability and happiness.

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– What’s your design process like?

We choose theme, usually based on a very specific era, and create concepts based around it. There are tons of ideas being tossed around but about only 40 % percent go into actual sampling. There are numerous rounds of sampling before we are happy.

– What was the most exciting experience having your own brand / company?

Having a team of people who all work on the same level. Our office environment is very interactive and everyone gets along. It’s a great thing to experience. Everything else just falls into place.

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– Which three pieces are your favorites out of your current collection?

From our summer  collection “The Ricko” is my favorite pant. This is my airplane pant. Extreme comfort and breathability with a really dope fit. Another great piece from the summer collection is “The Olympos” button down shirt. This is a sharp short-sleeve button down hybrid shirt with a baseball style collar. Really clean piece with modern twist. In our newest collection entitled “MONO”, there are some really amazing pieces. My favorite is the Jaron short-sleeved hoodie. They come in both black and white with side zippers and an elongated body.

– What are some of of your favorite stores?

I really like the clean aesthetic of the POOL in Tokyo’s Ayoama district. Such a dope concept to turn an old spa/bathhouse into a concept shop to display Hiroshi Fujiwara’s vision.

I really enjoy the customer experience at DSM Dover Street Market in NYC. You are transported to a large department store of amazing brands. All very different from each other but still connect under one roof. While you there, enjoy some of the best pastries and coffee around.

Lost & Found in Hong Kong is probably one of coolest store in the world. They have all types of gadgets from around the world. Some are super useful and innovative and some are just for laughs. Either way, you can’t leave this store without buying something.

– In the end, please tell us something about the location your company is based? Which places (restaurants, shops, bars, …) near by would you also recommend?

Our office is located in Orange Country right in Southern California. Our area has everything you need or could possibly want. Beaches, unreal food from around the world, and Ideal weather. There’s too much good stuff to list, you just have to come and see for yourself.

To find out more about PUBLISH, check out their profile with us and their web store.

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