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TLF!POSTED | March 23, 2018

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Label of the month: Beara Beara – Created in London, Handcrafted in Bolivia

Label of the month: Beara Beara – Created in London, Handcrafted in Bolivia

A good bag is hard to find – beautifully designed, affordable and of good quality.
This is where Beara Beara comes in: Founded in 2012 in London, the brainchild of Jake Bullough was started after his travels through Bolivia. There he met local producers and sellers using some of the most high-qualiy leathers and employing incredible craftsmanship.Together with local weavers using Andean weaving patterns and techniques, Beara Beara‘s bags combine sustainability, fairness and colourful, individual designs. we spoke to founder Jake about his brand and his future plans.

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– Please tell us something about your brand and the ideas behind it.
It was created out of a collaboration which would be mutually beneficial for both me and our suppliers. It is not a social enterprise but more of a business with a social conscience. It’s about encouraging employment, it’s about improving peoples standards of living, it’s about moving away from fast fashion and disposable temporary products and using/wearing something with meaning, with personality and with style.

– What’s special about your brand? What do you want to achieve in the future?
In the future we have plans to expand our network of suppliers and employ a lot more people. The quality is there, the skills are there, the demand is there so all we need is some time and everything should come together nicely. Its about being ambitious making things happen but very importantly having fun and enjoying the adventure.

Stefano Model 2
– What’s your design process like? How and where do your produce?
We sit at our desks in north London and play with shapes and colours and materials and forms and inspirations and ideas and develop concepts and new designs. We create a huge amount of designs – but only a handful pass all the tests and become final physical products. It’s a fun and very creative atmosphere.

manolo dark blue 3
– What’s your favorite bag out of your current collection?

The Amora to me is a very beautiful and elegant bag. Its unqiue and playful yet can be used day or night, going to the park or to the nightclub. I feel we have achieved our goal when we create a bag that can be used in diverse situations by people with very different personal styles.


Amora green 2

– In the end, please tell us something about the location where your company is based. Which places (restaurants, shops, bars, …) near by would you recommend?
Our office is situated between the fashion havens of Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale in north London (Sarcasm). It’s an extremely diverse area with people from all over the world with no tourist attractions or hip places to be. But we like it and like everything else, we don’t just follow the crowd but do what we like.

Manolo mustard frontStefano Front
You can find out more about the brand and a list of retailers here.

Rosie teal frontManolo mustard front

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