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TLF!POSTED | March 21, 2018

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Label of the month: Obbi Good Label

Label of the month: Obbi Good Label
Accessories can make an outfit – that’s why most brands sooner or later branch out to create an accessories collection. Especially big high fashion houses make a killing by producing more or less appealing collections, featuring everything from luggage to key chains. For those of you who are more interested in a more personal, individual approach to accessorizing, eschewing branding and appreciating subtle details, superior craftmanship and high quality materials, we want to introduce Obbi Good Label from Singapore.
We spoke with founder and creative director Johnny Scasi about his brand, his vision and the concept behind.
Please tell us something about your brand and the ideas behind it?

Obbi Good Label started in 2007/8. Back then we handmade leather cases for phones, it did not turn out well as phones and technology are ever changing. No money was lost. However time is more precious for handmade products.

Things took a turn in 2008, we took up the challenge for a custom made wallet, it went straight through the roof and the rest is history. We used to operate in both France and Singapore. Today we are all based in Singapore, a small country in South East Asia, right at the equator (this explains the 12 month summer). We are right in the centre of the globe, so we enjoy the convenience of the import and export of leather supplies which make us special with a lot more varieties of leather materials for our work.

Our idea of creating Obbi Good Label was purely based on the passion of leathercrafting shared among the artisans and friends, this concept never change.

Our name, Obbi Good Label is derived from Hobbies Goods Label.

What’s special about your brand? What do you want to achieve in the future?

Well, the special thing about Obbi Good Label is not only about the name. It is our vision and ideals that is different from others. The name Obbi Good Label represent our lifestyle, influence by the things we see, we experience, we think and we talk about… Which is also why we are ever-changing, improving, there is never a dull moment in Obbi Good Label.

We hope to bring this vision to more and more people as we believe work-life balance is a way of perfect living.

What’s your design process like?

When we design a product, we take reference from many old used leather products. We study how the product was used and by what type of people in order to understand the way in which it aged.

For example, most Bill Fold Wallets are usually stuffed in the back pocket. Due to the way in which person works and their lifestyle the wallet will warp or twist if it’s too thick and chunky. We saw the problem and designed our Signature Brave 5 inch. It uses 2 techniques focusing on the shape which tapers towards the opening edge of the wallet, evening it out so that when it is being sat on it is not bent. For the card slot, we build them away from the edge inside the wallets outer body and creates a clamshell affect thus easing the closure, this results in the wallet being slimmer overall. The clamshell effect also lessen the thickness on the inside area therefore when you sit down, you do not feel an uncomfortable bulge.

We design products to take full advantage of the inherent qualities of whatever leather we are using for that particular design, instead of sourcing the leather dependant on an initial concept. This way we achieve the best of leathers and the best of the design together.

What was the most exciting experience having your own brand / company ?

Putting our vision and thoughts into reality is the best experience.

Which three pieces are your favorites out of your current collection?

I do not have any favourite pieces. However, I use things that are functional to my individual preference, just like the way we provide for our customers.

A simple WX2 wallet is what fits me most as it is simple to use, enough storage and I have a thing for bill notes unfold. But that’s just me.

What are some of of your favorite stores?

The stockists carrying Obbi Good Label….

In the end, please tell us something about the location your company is based? Which places (restaurants, shops, bars, …) near by would you also recommend?

Obbi Good Label is operating on a loft workshop in Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies Singapore. We are located in an area rich of cultural heritage of Singapore, tucked subtly away from the busy mainstream malls and centers.

We love this place because it fits our lifestyle most – peace and relax.


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