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TLF!POSTED | March 24, 2018

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Label of the month: El Colmillo de Morsa

Label of the month: El Colmillo de Morsa

It’s time for our label of the month again: El Colmillo de Morsa. The label was born in Barcelona in late 2009. The brand name El Colmillo de Morsa (meaning ‘walrus tusk’) contains their first premise: beautiful things have infinite forms, so many as people that look at them. We talked to the designer behind it – Elisabeth Vallecillo – about her new collection, where she likes to shop around the world and cocoa drinks.


– Please tell us Something About Your Brand and the thoughts behind it?
What’s special about your brand? What Do You Want to Achieve in the future?
We understand the fashion and design as more than a mere commercial value. It is a way of expression, cultural identity and place for values that had fallen into disuse in the industrial process. For us, it is very important the selection of materials, the small details, the prints and concept that combines a collection.
We’d love to keep growing and consolidating the brand internationally. We enjoy what we do and the buyers can feel it in all our pieces.
The next season we will sell in Moscow and Taiwan and we believe we will gradually expand our store points.

What’s your design process like?
There is not a rigid methodology. Sometimes we start with a concept, a more evocative image or icon that leads us to the prints; any object or idea can be the starting point, it may be tangible or something more abstract. Initially we propose the basis with the fabrics selection, colors and collection line, then we continue in a more fluid way.

What was the MOST exciting experience having your own brand / company?
I guess the shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. It is a very rewarding experience but also very demanding. We could show our job and feel the experience to know people and press really like what we’re doing! It make us really happy!

Which three pieces are your favorites out of your current collection?
It is very difficult to choose a particular piece but we have a predilection for the stampings; The jumpsuit birds printed, the total look fish printed and the lilac printed total look with the perfecto jacket …

What are some of of your favorite stores?
Out of Barcelona we really like Merci in Paris and Hunting and Collecting in Brussels. In Barcelona there are a great shops, some of them are The Outpost, Mar de Cava and Wilde. Next season we will be at Uk Style in Moscow so it became one of our favorites as well! 🙂

 In the end, please tell us something about the location your company is based? Which places (restaurants, shops, bars, …) near by would you also recommend?
Mutt Gallery in an Art Gallery and Books Store really cool, they are doing events and exhibitions every week. Thai Gardens is a thai restaurant, don’t forget to get their tasting menu. El Kiosko have probably the best burguers in Barcelona! M. Viader Coffee  is a coffee bar specialized in cocoa drinks and pastries, which created the “Cacaolat”.

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