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TLF!POSTED | March 18, 2018

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Label of the month: Mus&Roew

Label of the month: Mus&Roew

The Barcelona-based label Mus&Roew is all about high-quality, craftsmanship leather accessories. Their aim is it to bring the European know-how in high quality productions to the world. Right now they are showing their upcoming collection at the Show&Order in Berlin. We talked to Mus&Roew about the importance of quality and why they chose leather to work with.

Please tell us something about your brand and the ideas behind it?

Our main objective has been to revisit the classical leather accessories with audacious designs. Our idea is that fashion in general, and accessories in particular, are an intrinsic part of a person’s style. Therefore, accessories need to last, so that they can leave an indelible image behind them, an image that will be part of a person’s identity. Fashion is not for us an evanescent act, fashion is a signature that has to stay.

What’s special about your brand?

Our differentiation comes from the designs used to put leather together. We chose leather for its sober elegance and its durability, but we wanted to twist it with a modern touch. Through our combination of colors and clean designs, we have created a cosmopolitan line that is both useful and trendy.

What do you want to achieve in the future?

We are first focusing on going from “nice idea and concept” to the “viable corporate plan”. Therefore, we have had a strong control in all our managerial procedures, and we are now happy to see that results are coming. A brand is not only an object, it needs a company and a group of individuals working together to make it possible.

What’s your design process like?

The first movement is a pencil and a paper: we draw the lines, we try to convert our ideas into a real pattern. Once the main lines are out, we confront our ideas to reality: both with our trendsetters that will advise us to put this color instead of that other one, and then with our handcrafters that advise us on technical issues such as straps, stitches, etc. Small changes are added to the initial idea, and the final piece is born.

What was the most exciting experience having your own brand / company?

The most exciting part is realizing that you can be at the control room of all the processes: design, production, sales, public relations… This comes with a lot of work, but the contemplation of the whole project, once realized, is the best positive feedback.

Which three pieces are your favorites out of your current collection?

No parents want to choose between their sons, but our derby shoes from the “Quirze” model, our Richelieu named “Gracia”, and our “Güell” bag, are amongst the best-selling units of our collection.

What are some of your favorite stores?

Many! But to name a few, we’d say Iconam at Osaka (Japan), Opening Ceremony at NY and Tokyo, Legacy at NY’s Soho,The Blue Bird in Londo, and The Corner in Berlin.

In the end, please tell us something about the location your company is based?

We are located in Barcelona. We like the fact that this is a very old city where industrial revolution made textile industries flourish more than one century ago. We can still see many of the plant chimneys around, proudly conserved as historic monuments! The combination of industrial capabilities and an enjoyable Mediterranean lifestyle is probably Barcelona’s most precious treasure.

Which places (restaurants, shops, bars, …) nearby would you also recommend?

Barcelona still has many traditional markets with the finest aliments from the countryside, at a very affordable price: wandering around these covered markets is a fantastic way to taste the city’s activity. Check for example the Mercat de l’Abaceria Central (Gracia): you can directly buy there your lunch to go! And if you want to take a look at the city’s industrial design while being in a typical modernist house, check out the Vinçon store at Passeig the Gracia: from gadgets to furniture, a different look to beauty & uselfulness.




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