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TLF!POSTED | March 19, 2018

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From today on, we will introduce you to great, creative and interesting people from the fashion business, to give you an insight of how they see this whole machinery on one side, but also to ask them about their own inspirations and labels to watch. Starting with Malaikaraiss, which is one of my favorite German brands at the moment. She knows how to create a modern, sophisticated and still sexy and unique look for women. I talked with Malaika about her view of the fashion business, her favorite stores and places in Berlin and how she sees her own style …

Dear Malaika,
please tell us about your thoughts back then, thinking about working in such a risky business?
Sure, I was aware that working in the creative industry isn´t the safest thing to do but being surrounded by such supporting and caring   people – I thought starting my own thing could be woth it. No risk no fun.
What gives you the power to stay strong and positive – as you describe your collection on your website – when it might not work out as well, all the time?
And how does this inner power influence your designs?
When I see the happy faces of our customers, wearing pieces from the collection.
But specially my entire team smiling when new press clipping  arrive. They give all of their heart and sould for the brand – that keeps me going!
I once bought a glittering blazer of you collection, tell me, where do you get those amazing fabrics from? Do you travel to collect them all over the world?
Most of the fabrics we use, are especially woven or printed for us. they have unique surfaces, coatings or finishings. We usually develop our on designs or use inspirations from very old vintage fabrics we found in my grandmas closet 🙂
Has the fashion business changed you in some way?
Hmm…I think, I´m a lot more self-confident now and I´m careful in making important decisions. But I considere myself down-to-earth and really into life-long-friendships!
How would you describe your personal style? 
Sophisticated, frenchy, sometimes a bit rock´n´roll but always with a fun-feminine twist and just a little splash of color. I´m into prints, materials of good quality, furry stuff like angora and mohair, selected vintage pieces from my mom´s or grandma´s closet, handbags and purses. And I´m a jewelry addict.
What are your favorite online shops?
My favorite: for a luxuroius beauty products. Mytheresa and Opening Ceremony are quite inspiring. I also like But of course I recommend
And last, tell me about your favorite places in Berlin – both shopping or dining or just hanging out? And is there a store you would love to have in Berlin based in another city?
I like to shop at WALD, they offer a great mix of upcoming brands. The Sabrina Dehoff store on Torstrasse – heaven and Stilraum in Friedrichshain for an unique selection of vintage furniture. “Schneeweiß” is one of my favorite restaurants but I also like dining at “Al Contadino Weinbar” and “Rock´n´Roll Bingo at “White Trash Fastfood”.

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